Wall Light

April 2019   Love

When I was walking back to my dorm after class, I found a beautiful piece of wood outside the MIT 2.008 machine shop being thrown away with a bunch of other things. It was once a block of wood for holding endmills/bits with a natural patina from years of machine oil and grease. The wood block had some small aluminum chips embedded in it, however, I didn’t try to get those out, because they tell its story as a block of wood from an MIT machine shop. This was too good to pass up, so I grabbed it. After some thinking, I decided to make a wall lamp out of the piece of wood and made it a (late… oops…) gift for Bibit’s 23rd birthday.


I am a bit hesitant to call this a wall lamp, as it does not emit very much light - at least when used as it is intended to be used.  This is more of a wall ornament/aesthetic piece that adds some ambiance to a room/area.  For Bibit, this is perfect, as she is not a fan of bright lights.

Holding up the wood to the wall gave me the inspiration to back-light it with some warm LED's.  The beautiful wood grain is visible in this picture.